The music program at Grace is a vital part of our worship and an important method of outreach to the community. Our choir is comprised of both volunteers and choral scholars. The Choral Scholar Program provides 8 students per year the opportunity for training and experience. The Music at Grace Concert Series is another important form of outreach to the community. 


The choir is a mix of volunteers from the congregation and students from Washington County and the surrounding areas who have received Choral Scholarships. The choir is open to anyone who enjoys singing and has basic music skills. The repertoire of the choir spans a wide range of sacred choral music from the 16th century to the present day.


Grace is now entering its seventh year of offering a scholarship program for local students. This program offers students vocal training and experience. Students who participate in this program receive a scholarship for the school year and sing in worship services. This program is open to local students in Grade 8 through college. There is no requirement to be a member or to join Grace. Grace is an affiliate member of the Royal School of Church Music. The Voice for Life curriculum created by the RSCM is used to train choristers.

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In 2016 a new pipe organ was built for Grace by Luley & Associates, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA. This new organ replaced the aging Moller pipe organ. Grace purchased a new pipe organ from the Moller organ company of Hagerstown, MD in 1929 for the new sanctuary. This organ was Moller's Opus 5452. This organ served the congregation well for 45 years. In 1974 Grace had Moller return to rebuild the organ, replace the console, and to make significant tonal modifications. This became Moller's Opus R-913. The rebuilt instrument served another 40 years for the congregation. By 2014 the Moller organ was having significant mechanical problems in addition to a mismatched tonal scheme that was unsupportive of the choir and congregation. In 2015 the church sought out organ builders to determine the best course of action in dealing with the Moller organ. The congregation voted to sign a contract with Luley & Associates, Inc. to install a new pipe organ. Work began with removing the old organ in June 2016. The new organ was completed in May 2017 and Nathan Laube played the Dedication Recital on June 4, 2017 to a full audience. During the time that the new organ was under construction all of the old carpet was removed from the sanctuary and the original wood flooring was refinished. The sanctuary was also repainted during this time and the lighting was upgraded to LED.

luley & associates pipe organ grace umc hagerstown


Luley & Associates, Inc


Two manuals, 25 ranks, 52 stops


16' Bourdon

8' First Open Diapason

8' Second Open Diapason

8' Stopped Diapason*

8' Harmonic Flute (SO)

8' Salicional (SW)

8' Voix Celeste tc (SW)

4' Octave

4' Flute*

2' Super Octave

III Mixture

8' Trumpet (SW)

8' Oboe (SW)

4' Clarion (SW)




16' Contra Salicional

8' Open Diapason*

8' Chimney Flute

8' Salicional

8' Voix Celeste tc

4' Octave*

4' Open Flute

2-2/3' Nasard tc*

2' Fifteenth

2' Piccolo

1-3/5' Tierce tc

III Mixture

16' Contra Fagotto

8' Trumpet

8' Oboe

4' Clarion


Swell to Swell 16

Swell Unison Off

Swell to Swell 4


8' Harmonic Flute

8' Gamba

8' Gamba Celeste tc

4' Octave Gamba

V Cornet (SW)

8' Clarinet

16' Tuba Mirabilis

8' Tuba Mirabilis (8" wind)

4' Tuba Mirabilis


32' Contra Bourdon (1-12 electronic)

16' Diapason (ext GT)

16' Subbass*

16' Bourdon* (GT)

16' Contra Salicional (SW)

8' Open Diapason (GT)

8' Viole (GT)

8' Chimney Flute (SW)

4' Octave (GT)

32' Contra Fagotto (1-12 electronic)

16' Trombone (5" wind)

16' Fagotto (SW)

8' Trumpet (SW)

4' Clarion (SW)

Couplers and Combinations

Swell to Great 16 8 4

Solo to Great 8

Solo to Swell 8

Great to Pedal 8

Swell to Pedal 8

Swell to Pedal 4

Solo to Pedal 8

Solo to Pedal 4

*indicates pipes from previous instrument

12 General Pistons & Toe Studs

8 Great Divisional Pistons

8 Swell Divisional Pistons

4 Solo Divisional Pistons

4 Pedal Divisional Pistons

Syndyne Solid State System