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Dionne Hall




I am Dionne Hall, mother, single parent of 4 wonderful children, and lover of Jesus and special dark chocolate. Prior to becoming a pastor, I taught elementary school in various states for over twenty years. I am a Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry in the Cumberland-Hagerstown District and am completing my provisional paperwork for the Board of Ordained Ministry (BoOM). I have been a member of the United Methodist Church since 2002, shortly after moving to Maryland. I completed the Licensed Local Pastor training in April 2016 and Wesley Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 2020.


I love God, family, friends, reading murder mystery novels, decaffeinated coffee, Star Trek, and gospel music. In my spare time I love to have quiet time. I experiment with making different types of soups, patio gardening, and reading mysteries. I am allergic to perfume, gluten, and must limit my intake of citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, pineapple, etc.). While I will try almost any food, I will not eat a tomato or okra.


I grew up in CT, the sixth out of seven children. I always wanted to be a teacher and “teaching” my sister is one of my earliest memories. I attended undergraduate and graduate school in MA to earn my teaching certificate and advanced degree. I entered the lay ministry of the UMC when I moved to Hagerstown and have not looked back since.


I am extremely organized, directed, and love to teach and preach. I believe that church is the place where we worship, learn, grow, and develop our vision and mission together. But more importantly, church is the place where we fellowship together in a community which loves, cares, and is accountable to each other in ways that make church our family. I look forward to becoming part of your church family.


May your hope lie above your circumstances,


Pastor Dionne Hall

Hebrews 11:1

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